The statistics contained in this section only concern athletes who have competed in World Athletics Series competition since 1999. The data represents the major championship highlights for each athlete from 1999 onwards and is not meant to represent a definitive career summary.

The statistics contained in this section are compiled according to the information, and in particular the competition results, gathered by the IAAF over the years. Initially the data represented the major championships highlights since 1999 but, thanks to its new statistics provider, Elite Ltd, we have now been able to significantly expand our reach and include a much greater number of records for those athletes established on, or who make their way towards the, international scene.

The data is not meant to be a definitive career summary but is intended to showcase the athletes’ best and most significant achievements. While we try to be as accurate and as comprehensive as possible, we will be more than happy to amend and/or integrate any information which is incorrectly or incompletely shown, keeping in mind that we do operate with minimum performance limits. Please send an email via our contact page, selecting ‘athlete profiles’ as the contact area or use this form to send us competition results.

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