Series07 Jan 2008

Allyson Felix completes studies now fully focused on Olympic success – IAAF Diaries


World 200 metres champion Allyson Felix in the 400m in Mt SAC (© Kirby Lee)

Osaka triple gold medallist Allyson Felix is the latest addition to the exclusive IAAF Online Diaries. Throughout the year the 22-year-old will share her personal thoughts and opinions on her training, competition and life off the track.

“Happy New Year everybody!

“December was a hectic month for me. I finally finished my degree in Elementary Education at USC and I’m now able to train full time.

“It’s just an enormous burden lifted off me with the stress with classes and training. I am training longer and getting the rest my body needs.

“I was determined to finish school so I could focus on preparation for the Olympics this year.

“Initially, I was going to spread it out and do it little by little but then I was determined to get it all down.

“Definitely, there were conflicts with my school schedule and my meet schedule but school always came first. I’ll probably have to miss the Doha meet this year so that I can participate in graduation ceremonies.

“Graduation isn’t that important to me but I am doing it more for my mom. I promised my dad that I would get a college degree when I decided to turn professional after high school in 2003. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be.

“There were times when I had to ease off of practice because I was so tired from school and studying.

“There are definitely going to be a lot of expectations for me in the Olympics after the World Championships but I am glad that I have more time to be more focused.

“My initial reaction to the Olympics schedule that made a 200m-400m double unfeasible wasn’t anger. It just made my decision a lot easier to focus on the 100m and 200m.

“I am even more determined to work harder in the 100m now to see if that race can finally come around for me.

“On the 3rd of January, I got into spikes and blocks for the first time. Last year, I hadn’t done any block workouts until I ran a 300m in an indoor meet in Fayetteville.

“We’re still into heavy conditioning and longer stuff but I think I am a lot stronger this year because I have really been able to do weight workouts. I have been spending as much time in the weight room as on the track.”