Martin Manley after winning the boys' 400m at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games (Getty Images) © Copyright

Work, rest and play – Martin Manley

Jamaica’s world youth and Youth Olympic Games 400m champion Martin Manley has proved to be a stellar teenage talent over one lap of the track during the past couple of seasons.

The 17-year-old now takes his turn answering our work, rest, play questions.

Martin at work

What is your favourite training session?

Martin Manley: I like block starts because I like to show the sprinters that the quarter milers do have speed.

What is your least favourite training session?

MM: Weights, because they are heavy and very tiring.

What are your three favourite things about being an athlete?

MM: I enjoy the winning, the training and the people involved in the sport.

Who is your favourite training partner?

MM: Raheem Chambers (the world number two youth 100m runner in 2014) because he is always saying he's the best over 60m, but I like to show him sometimes that is not true.

Where is your favourite training venue?

MM: GC Foster College in Spanish Town. That is where most of the serious track work is done and I prefer it to training at St Jago's (High School) because they have a 320m track, so if I ran a 350m rep you have to pass the finish line!

Martin at rest

Describe your perfect day without training.

MM: I like to head out towards the city and relax.

What is your favourite stress reliever?

MM: Music helps relieve the stress. I like to listen to a range of music from hip hop to dancehall.

Where is your favourite place to relax?

MM: My bed, with me, myself and I.

What TV shows do you like to relax to?

MM: I enjoy cartoons: Spongebob and The Fairly Odd Parents.

Martin at play

We hear you are a big football fan. Did you play the game and, if so, to what standard?

MM: I played up until I was an under-14. I played as a forward but I wasn't too good and I didn't score many goals.

Do you follow a particular team?

MM: FC Barcelona. They have a type of playing style that I love.

Do you have a favourite player?

MM: Lionel Messi (of Argentina and Barcelona) because he is a great dribbler, he has broken a lot of records and the only cup he has not won is the World Cup. Messi is also a great role model.

Which track and field athlete would make the best footballer?

MM: Jaheel Hyde (world youth 110m hurdles champion and world junior 400m hurdles champion) would make an excellent footballer. I've seen him play. He has played for the Jamaican under-17 team.

Which footballer would be best suited to the sprints?

MM: Cristiano Ronaldo (of Real Madrid and Portugal). He has a lot of power, raw speed and the body of a sprinter.

Steve Landells for the IAAF