MONDO plays a leading role in the history of sporting success: more than 270 records have been set on its prefabricated surfaces, which are manufactured in its facility in Gallo d'Alba.

MONDO has been an IAAF partner since 1987. It’s a collaborative relationship that has enabled two major organizations to combine their technical skills in the pursuit of a shared goal—to support the growth of athletics with passion and innovation. In 1999 MONDO was one of the first companies to obtain IAAF Athletic Track Products certification.

Today MONDO athletic tracks and equipment are certified IAAF Products and are used in the most important international competitions. The number of MONDO IAAF Class I and Class II certified installations is increasing, and a total of 12 World Outdoor Athletics Championships have been held on MONDO tracks (from 1987 to 2019), along with 14 World Indoor Athletics Championships (from 1985 to 2020).