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Ferruccio Stroppiana, co-founder of Mondo, dies

World Athletics is saddened by the news that Ferruccio Stroppiana, a co-founder of Mondo, died on Tuesday (10) at his home near Alba, Italy. Stroppiana was 89.

Together with his brother Elio, Stroppiana co-founded Mondo, turning an artisanal toy and ball workshop founded by their father, Edmondo, into a global leader in the manufacture and installation of athletics surfaces. The journey that began in 1948 eventually grew into Mondo, a World Athletics Official Supplier, which employs more than 800 people in its three divisions and nine production facilities around the world.

Stroppiana remained involved in the company’s day-to-day operations well into his eighties as Chairman of Mondofin, the parent company that manages the Mondo Group which is comprised of 23 subsidiaries.

A statement issued by family, read: “Despite our immense grief, he left us with a profound sense of peace and love, aware of having lived life to the fullest and of having been able to transform it into a wonderful dream. He was a unique, pure and generous man, a true teacher of life. His values and his thoughts will always be with us."

Gianfranco Garau, the Mayor of Grinzane Cavour, near Alba, told Corriere Della Sera that Stroppiana "was a charismatic leader capable of involving everyone equally, from the young worker to the manager. We remember him not only for the growth of his company, but above all for the affection and availability he has always shown towards our Municipality."

Stroppiana is survived by his wife Loredana, their children Stefania, Marco and Edoardo and several grandchildren. His brother Elio passed away in January 2019.

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