News14 Apr 2007

European Athletics Congress - NEWS


The 20th European Athletics Congress took place in the Royal Casino Hotel in Cannes, France, today.

European Athletics Championships - every two years

As part of a general overhaul of the competition programme, subject to approval from the various stakeholders, the outdoor European Athletics Championships, will take place on all even numbered years, with 2012 as the earliest proposed starting date.

The additional European Athletics Championship in every four year Olympic cycle would take place at the same time as the US Olympic trials, and would contain all standard stadium events (excluding 10,000m and Combined Events).

The championships would take place over five days and among the added innovations qualification could also be sort by performances and positions achieved in specific meetings, as well as the existing usual qualification process.

The specific details will be finalised and publicised in the future, after negotiations conclude with the European Broadcasting Union, the biggest financial partner of European Athletics, along with further consultation with the relevant stakeholders about the format, and satisfactory financial analysis on the proposed developments.

European Team Championships

A European Team Championships contested by 12 sides will replace the current European Cup.

50th Member Federation

The Athletics Federation of Montenegro was officially ratified as the 50th Member Federation of European Athletics and was therefore entitled to full voting powers in today's elections.


Council - President Hansjorg Wirz (SUI) and Treasurer Karel Pilny (CZE) were re-elected unopposed in their positions, while José Luis de Carlos (ESP) and Svein Arne Hansen (NOR) were newly elected as Vice-Presidents.

Jorge Salcedo (POR), topped the poll of those elections, and is one of four others - Ludmila Olijar (LAT), Janez Alancic (SLO) and Philippe Lamblin (FRA) - who also retained their previous Council positions.

Vice-President Hansen was one of 10 new members elected to the 17 strong Council. Also notably succeeding were two former athletics stars World Triple Jump record holder Jonathan Edwards (GBR), 1971 European 1500m champion Franco Arese (ITA).

The other new members of the council are Dobromir Karamarinov (BUL), Antti Pihlakoski (FIN), Toralf Nilsson (SWE), Frank Hensel (GER), Salih Munir Yaras (TUR), Vadim Zelichenok (RUS), and Sylvia Barlag (NED).

Competition Committee - Anna Ricardi (ITA), Libor Varhanik (CZE), Ivica Matijevic (SRB) and Jean-Pierre Schoebel (MON) took the four available seats.

Development Committee - 2000 Olympic Decathlon champion Erki Nool (EST) Jean Gracia (FRA), Nick Davis (IRE) and Ihor Hotsul (UKR) took the seats.

Honorary Membership of European Athletics was bestowed upon retiring Council members Erika Strasser (Austria), Giorgios Constantopolous (Greece), John Lister (Great Britain), Valentin Balakhnichev (Russia) and Irena Szewinska of Poland.

The next Congress will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2009, while the Calendar Congress in 2008 and 2009 will take Place in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Miskolc, Hungary, respectively.


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