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IAAF Communication on the Kelli White case

MonteCarloHaving obtained the necessary expert opinion on the subject, the IAAF has decided to classify the substance, modafinil, for which Kelli White tested positive following the Women’s 100m in Paris last week, in the category of weaker stimulants.

Under IAAF Rules, the eventual sanction for a doping offence for this substance, if confirmed after a hearing, would therefore be a public warning and disqualification from the competition.  This means that Ms White could be stripped of her gold medals in Paris in both the 100m and 200m events. 

In accordance with the usual disciplinary procedures, Ms White will be afforded the opportunity of a hearing in the United States before any decision is taken.

The athlete is not suspended pending her hearing and is free to compete at the Golden League Meeting in Brussels this Friday and at the World Athletics Final to be held in Monaco the following weekend.