News20 Jun 2003

Sebrle set for 100 minute Decathlon


Sebrle wins Javelin in Götzis (© IAAF)

Decathlon world record holder Roman Sebrle from Czech Republic is set to be part of the world premiere of a 100 minutes decathlon on Sunday in Schwechat, Austria. This special competition will be the final highlight (starting at 4.30 pm) of the traditional "Decathlon for everybody" event organised by former Olympian Georg Werthner. Around 500 athletes are scheduled to compete.

 "I ´m looking forward to do it, feeling well. All the difficulties from the time after Gotzis are behind me. After the first 25 minutes I will have a small break and then continue. I like such a experiments," said Sebrle.

"The organisers want me to try to break 8000 points but that will be tough. The weather forecast is good, I will see.

"I competed on Monday at a small meeting in Praha and achieved from a short runway 4.80 in the Pole Vault and that is not bad." 

He will compete against two Austrians, Klaus Ambrosch and Thomas Tebbich, both with personal bests over 8000 points. Erkki Nool and Frank Busemann who were scheduled to compete originally withdrew due to injury problems.

World rankings leader Sebrle is still undecided whether he will contest one more full decathlon prior to the World Championships or not.

Statisticians confirmed that this will be for first time that a 100 minutes decathlon will be organised.

The world best in a one hour decathlon is held by another Czech and 1992 olympic champion Robert Zmelik with 7897 points -

Robert Zmelik, CZE, 24.9. 1992, Ostrava; 10.89-764-14.52-208-55.53 14.25-41.92-480-60.34-4:55.16.
Sebrle´s schedule for 8000 points set by the organisers:
10.95 - 7.70 -  15.20- 2.06 - 52.00 - 14.50 -  45.00 -  4.60 - 62.00 - 4:55

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