Andreas Thorkildsen throwing with his earflap wool hat in Split (Getty Images) © Copyright

EVENT Report - Men's Javelin Throw

Andreas Thorkildsen has won it all. You name it, he’s won it. World Championships, Olympic Games, European Championships, World Cup…understandably so the season’s World leader and only man this year to break the 90-metre barrier came into the IAAF / VTB Bank Continental Cup as relaxed as ever.

Yet he was determined to put on a show for the 27,500 spectators today and the show started as early as the competitors’ presentation. Passing on a pair of typical Nordic wool earflap hats to one another as their name was introduced to the crowd it was clear that the whole field tonight was ready to join in in Thorkildsen’s party!

European silver medallist Matthias De Zordo was the first one to start the party his first attempt landing at exactly 80.00m, meanwhile Thorkildsen – who was wearing his wool earflap hat for all of his throws – opened with 78.94m to secure a temporary one-two for Europe.

Throwing first, De Zordo improved to 81.93 but he soon had to relinquish the event’s leading position to team-mate and Europe Team Captain Thorkildsen whose second effort landed at 84.81m.

Asutralia’s Jarrod Bannister was also throwing consistently his first and second round efforts being measured at 78.86m and 78.85m respectively. Bannister further improved to comfort his third place with a third round 79.18m while Gerhardus Pienaar of South Africa was holding on to fifth place at 78.00m before the order was reverted.

The top four all improved with their last round with Pienaar making the best point-leap from fifth place all the way into second with a season’s best 83.17m. De Zordo would have to be content with third his last round landing at 82.89m.

The win already secured, Thorkildsen was left with the last throw of the night and he didn’t disappoint his javelin flying all the way to a new Competition record 89.26m, his fourth best of 2010.

“We entertained the crowd and this late in the season we managed to perform at a high level. It was a long and successful season and this is a very nice way to end it.

“At the last couple of meetings in the season you never know how tired your body is, so it's great that my last attempt went so well.”

Laura Arcoleo for the IAAF