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IAAF seeking members for its Nominations Panel

The IAAF is seeking candidates for its Nominations Panel.

As part of its programme of governance reforms, the Nominations Panel has been established by the IAAF to assist in the appointment of people to various bodies within the federation.

The role of the Nominations Panel is to identify the skills, expertise and experience which may be necessary for the positions on the relevant bodies. The panel will assess applications for such positions and hold interviews and meetings before making their recommendations to Council on who it feels the best suited applicants are.

The Nominations Panel will consist of five members: the IAAF President or Senior Vice President or Council Member, plus four independent members, two of whom will have experience within athletics and two of whom will have relevant experience in appointment processes.

The term of appointment of the Nominations Panel is just over four years, beginning in March 2019 and ending after the next IAAF Election Congress in August 2023. It is expected that the Nominations Panel will largely conduct its work by conference calls and emails to fulfil its responsibilities, but it is possible that in-person meetings will be necessary.

A full job description and details of how to apply for the position are available in English and French. Deadline for applications is 1 March 2019. All candidates selected to join the panel will be submitted to the IAAF’s vetting process before appointment.

The IAAF Vetting Rules can be downloaded from the rules and regulations section of the IAAF website.