Executive Board

The role of the Executive Board is to govern World Athletics’ business.

The Executive Board has responsibility for all decisions related to the business of World Athletics including developing and reviewing the World Athletics Strategic Plan; adopting and monitoring the annual plan and budget; appointing and monitoring the Chief Executive; financial planning and controlling income and expenditure; identifying and managing risks; and developing internal controls, organisational policies, procedures and systems (e.g., human resources, IT).

The Executive Board is currently made up of the following nine members:

  • President (elected at the 2019 Congress meeting);
  • 4 Vice-Presidents (elected at the 2019 Congress meeting);
  • 3 Appointed Executive Board Members (appointed by the 5 Elected Executive Board Members on the recommendation of the Executive Board Appointments Panel);
  • Chief Executive Officer (non-voting).

The term of office for Executive Board Members is four years.