Fabiana Murer vaults to 4.82m at “XXVIII Troféu Brasil Caixa de Atletismo” (Alexandre Loureiro/CBAt) © Copyright
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Murer vaults to world leading 4.82m at Brazilian nationals

Fabiana de Almeida Murer produced the best result of the “XXVIII Troféu Brasil Caixa de Atletismo”, the national club competition that serves as the National Championships, by vaulting to a world season leading mark and South American record of 4.82 in Rio de Janeiro on 7 June.

This was the second stage of the “Troféu”, which begun in Bragança Paulista on 30-31 May with Combined Events and Hammer. The rest of the competition, held at Rio’s “Estádio Engenhão” had commenced on 4 June.

The 28-year-old Murer who was tenth at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and a bronze medallist 2008 World Indoor Champs, obtained her fifth national title and set her eleventh South American record with her 4.82m vault, that places her sixth (tied) in the all-time performer lists.

I hadn’t jumped great and much this outdoor season. My only valid competition was at the Belém GP with a jump-off victory with 4.40, so I was aware of all those difficulties, but our event is filled with challenges, and without limits. We always want to fly higher”, said an exultant Murer.

Her series was: 4.40/1; 4.50/2; 4.60/1; 4.70/1; 4.82/3; 4.94/3 fouls. Her previous set of Brazilian/South American records was at 4.80 (São Paulo on 29 June 2008, also at the Troféu). Murer has also jumped 4.81 indoors in Donetsk on 15 February 2009.

Impeccable double by Marílson

Two-time New York City Marathon winner, Marílson Gomes dos Santos was selected as the best male performer of the meeting after reaching a magnificent double victory at 5000/10000m, with both Troféu records of 13:34.79 and 27:58.83. Both performances are the best in South America in 2009, for the also South American record holder (13:19.43 and 27:28.12).

Another athlete to achieve a double victory was veteran Elisângela Adriano. The 37 year-old thrower won her 17th title at the Shot with 16.72, and her 13th at Discus with 54.35. Adriano is the South American record holder at both events with 19.30 (2001) and 61.96 (1998).

In the women’s 400m Hurdles, 32-year-old Luciana França won with a PB of 55.90, ahead of the South American record holder Lucimar Teodoro (56.27). This is the first title at the Troféu for França, who also qualified for the Berlin World Championships, although barely missed Teodoro’s record of 55.84.

Costa beats Maggi – again

Maurren Higa Maggi, the 2008 Olympic champion at Long Jump suffered her first defeat at the Troféu since 1998, when beaten by Keila Costa 6.79 to 6.75. This is the first time that the 26 year-old Costa has beaten Maggi at the Troféu, but the third in a row (the others at the Belém GP and Hengelo GP) where Costa has ended ahead of the 32-year-old South American record holder.

Costa won the Troféu in dramatic fashion. Maggi was the best in the qualifying round with 6.75m (wind 0.5m/s) from Group A, while Costa jumped a modest 6.25 (0.2m/s) in Group B on 6 June.

In the final on 7 June, Maggi took the lead in the second round with another 6.75 effort (-0.2). Costa got closer in rounds 3 and 4 with 6.73 (0.4) and 6.74 (-1.1), but only sealed her victory with a season’s best of 6.79 (0.0) in her final jump.

Maggi, who had fouled her third jump, and followed with 6.72 (-0.4) and a pass, showed the same approach problems that have been bugging her all this season, and fouled her final attempt under pressure.

“The victory is always important, but more important is my evolution in marks”, said Costa, a finalist at the 2007 World Championships and 2008 Olympic Games.

“I’m upset by the fouls, but that’s my fight right now; to make the least possible mistakes and fouls. Yet, I’m still confident for the Berlin World Championships,” added Maggi.

More records

The 2003 World Youth champion and bronze medallist of the 2005 World Junior Championships, Júlio César Miranda de Oliveira set a Brazilian record in the Javelin Throw with 80.05m in his last round. The 23-year-old guarantied his participation at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin with this record performance, since the Brazilian Confederation hasn’t recognised his 80.29 mark from Maringá on 23 May.

Three junior records were also achieved at the Troféu. In the men’s Hammer on 30 May, Allan Wolski improved the national record to 62.43 in qualification, and 62.77 in the final (second), with the 7.26Kg implement.

In the women’s 400m, Bárbara Farias de Oliveira (18 years-old) improved the national mark to 53.03 with her sixth place in the final (5 May), and in the Heptathlon in Bragança Paulista on 30-31 May, Vanessa Chefer Spinola set a new South American junior record with 5763 points (second place). Her seven marks were: 14.0/-2.4; 1.65; 13.33; 24.38 / -1.2 (3434 for the first day); 5.90 / 0.6; 39.89; 2:18.43).

The Troféu marked the farewell of 400m South American record holder Sanderlei Parrela. The 34-year-old from Santos ran his last race in the final won by Uruguayan Andrés Silva with 46.09 sec. Parrela finished eighth with a SB of 47.69.

His prime time was in 1999-2000. In 1999 Parrela improved the South American record on five occasions, up to the last one of 44.29, which was obtained while second of American Michael Johnson at the Seville World Championships, where Johnson set the current World record. The next year Parrela finished fourth at the Sydney Olympic Games.

At the Troféu, the Brazilian Confederation selected its team for the upcoming South American Championships that will take place in Lima, Peru, on 19-21 June.

Eduardo Biscayart for the IAAF

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2009 Troféu Champions


100m (-0.4) (5): José Carlos Moreira 10.22; 200m (1.1) (7): Hugo de Souza 20.68; 400m (5): Andrés Silva URU 46.09 (Eduardo Vasconcelos 46.25); 800m (7): Kléberson Davide 1:46.42; 1500m (5): Fabiano Peçanha 3:46.22; 5000/10000m (7/4): Marílson dos Santos 13:34.79*/27:58.83*; 3000m St (6): Fernando Fernandes 8:44.32; 110m hurdles (-0.8) (7): Éder Souza 13.81; 400m hurdles (7): Mahau Suguimati 49.59; HJ (6): Jessé de Lima 2.16; PV: Fábio da Silva 5.55*; LJ (5): Erivaldo Vieira 7.84/0.4; TJ (7): Jadel Gregório 16.96/0.1; SP/DT (4/6): Ronald Julião 18.09/57.69; HT (30): Wágner Domingos 67.85; JT (7): Júlio César de Oliveira 80.05 NR*; Dec (30-31): Ânderson Venâncio 7712; 4x100m (6): Orcampi Unimed 41.25; 4x400m (7): BM&F Bovespa 3:05.35; 20Km W (6): José Alessandro Bagio 1:26:31*.
100m (0.1) (5): Lucimar Moura 11.28; 200m (-0.1) (7): Vanda Gomes 23.36; 400m (5): Emmilly Pinheiro 51.98; 800m (5): Josiane Tito 2:03.85; 1500/3000m St (7/5): Sabine Heitling 4:22.71/10:05.93; 5000/10000m (6/4): Cruz da Silva 16:21.41/33:02.65; 100m hurdles (0.2): Fabiana Morães 13.14; 400m hurdles (7): Luciana França 55.90*; HJ/Hep (5/30-31): Lucimara da Silva 1.83/5884*; PV (7): Fabiana Murer 4.82 AR*; LJ (7): Keila Costa 6.79/0.0; TJ (5): Gisele de Oliveira 14.16/0.4*; SP/DT (7/6): Elisângela Adriano 16.72/54.35; HT (30): Katiuscia de Jesus 59.83; JT (7): Alexandra Resende 57.56; 4x100m (6): BM&F Bovespa 43.35*; 4x400m (7): Rede Atletismo 3:30.75; 20Km W (6): Tânia Spindler 1:37:31*

* Championship record