Veronica Campbell-Brown in the gym (Omar Brown) © Copyright

VCB gets ready for a rare outing over one lap of the track - IAAF Online Diaries

Another month of training has transpired with my aim fixed on the 2013 outdoor season, which I am hoping to start in late March.

I suspect the 400m or a leg in the 4x400m will be my opener given the leaning of my coach. To be honest, I enjoy watching the 400m, it is one of my favorite events to watch and let me emphasize the word ‘watch’….lol!

So far, I am quite pleased with my training so I will be ready to take the one lap.

There were some impressive performances during the indoor season and that augurs well for an exciting year. World Championships and Olympic years always seem to squeeze extra special performances from us athletes, so with Moscow on the horizon it should be another banner year.

Outside of training, I have spent February just relaxing at home, watching TV, I got a chance to watch some award shows such as the Oscars. It is always exciting to see the parade of fashion on the red carpet as well as the impromptu interviews during those awards.

I also watched a few NBA games though it is not so enjoyable for me as my hometown Magics are not doing so well.  I also got a chance to watch Snitch at the theatre, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was the lead actor. The storyline was quite gripping yet disturbing knowing that is was based on a true event!

I am also working behind the scene on matters pertaining to my Foundation, needless to say, I am extremely pleased with the inroads we are making and hope to expand on our mission statement very shortly.

We currently have four young ladies that are our scholarship recipients and they are exceling academically. I am thankful to the Board, sponsors and contributors for their efforts so far and of course we are always open for additional donors to come on board.

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