Geisa Arcanjo at the 2012 South American U23 Champs (Wagner Carmo/CBAt) © Copyright
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Brazil dominates South American Under-23 Champs

Brazil topped the medal table and obtained the team title at the fifth edition of the South American Under-23 Championships. The event was held on 22-23 September at the "Estádio Ícaro de Castro Mello" in São Paulo. A total of 13 Championship records were improved during the two days of competition.

Athletes who competed at the 2012 London Olympic Games obtained the best performances in São Paulo. That was the case of Braian Toledo, from Argentina, and Aldemir da Silva, Geisa Arcanjo and Andressa de Morais, from Brazil.

The nineteen year-old Toledo, silver medallist at the 2012 IAAF World Junior Championships in Barcelona, won the Javelin Throw with a 78.49m performance (Championship record). Toledo dominated the event after his second throw and set his best mark of the day in round five. His series: 70.12, 74.90, 74.90, 74.57, 78.49 and foul. Chilean Tomás Guerra was second with 71.30m.

Aldemir da Silva, a semi-finalist at 200m in London, obtained the 100-200 double in São Paulo with 10.42 and 20.51 – the latter a Championship record. Da Silva was also part of the Brazilian team that won the 4x100m relay. "I’m very happy. It has been a wonderful year", said the 20 year-old from Rio de Janeiro. "Just the fact of participating at the Olympic Games was a reward and a stimulus for my career".

Geisa Arcanjo, seventh at the London Olympics, won the Shot Put with a Championship record of 18.43m. Her series: 18.32, 18.43, foul, foul, 17.32 and 18.06. "I’m very happy with the title. However, my goal was to throw over 19m, just like I did in London. Now, I will rest for two weeks before I begin my preparation for 2013. The goals are set to improve my personal best and to participate of the IAAF World Championships in Moscow", said Arcanjo, who just turned 21 years old on 19 September.

The Shot Put provided the best performances of the meet. Arcanjo’s 18.43m was recognized as the top performance on the female side, and Darlan Romani, with his 19.93m mark (Championship record), received the award at the male side. The 21 year-old Romani was able to confirm his good form after setting the Brazilian national record (20.48m) at the National U-23 Championships in Maringá (9 September).

The South American record holder at Discus Throw, Andressa de Morais, won the U-23 title with a 57.66m performance. Having thrown 64.21m at the "Campeonato Iberoamericano" (10 June), and after placing 16th at the Olympic qualifying, de Morais closed her breakthrough season in good fashion. "I will commence my training for 2013 in October, guided by my coach (Julián Mejía). The focus of our preparation will be the Moscow World Championships", said the 21 year-old from Paraíba.

The event reunited 236 athletes from the 12 nations that compose the South American Confederation. All countries placed athletes in the podium.

Eduardo Biscayart for the IAAF

5th South American Under-23 Championships
São Paulo, 22-23 September

List of champions

100m (0.3) (22): Aldemir da Silva BRA 10.42
200m (1.2) (23): Aldemir da Silva BRA 20.51 CR
400m (22): Pedro Luiz de Oliveira BRA 45.52 CR
800m (23): Tomás Squella CHI 1:48.06
1500m (22): Federico Bruno ARG 3:47.13
5000m (23): Víctor Aravena CHI 14:16.25
10000m (22): Víctor Aravena CHI 30:31.93
3000m St (22): Alexis Peña VEN 8:53.42
110m hurdles (-0.9) (22): João Vitor de Oliveira BRA 14.14
400m hurdles (23): Hederson Estefani BRA 51.02
High Jump (23): Talles Silva BRA 2.21 CR
Pole Vault (22): Matheus da Silva BRA 5.05
Long Jump (22): Rebert Firmiano BRA 7.96/3.0 (7.73/1.0)
Triple Jump (23): Jonathan da Silva BRA 16.19/2.4 (15.98/-1.0)
Shot Put (23): Darlan Romani BRA 19.93 CR
Discus Throw (22): Mauricio Ortega COL 53.94
Hammer Throw (22): Allan Wolski BRA 63.20
Javelin Throw (23): Braian Toledo ARG 78.49 CR
Decathlon (22, 23): Guillermo Ruggeri ARG 7203 (10.94/-0.6 6.41/1.9 12.84 1.88 48.59 14.60 36.90 4.10 53.67 4:48.28)
4x100m (22): BRA (Jackson da Silva, Jorge Henrique Vides, Aldemir da Silva, Erick de Jesus) 40.10
4x400m (23): BRA (Ânderson dos Santos, Willian Carvalho, Jonathan Henrique da Silva, Pedro Luiz de Oliveira) 3:07.44
20000m Walk (22): Caio Bonfim BRA 1:23:22.9 CR

100m (0.5) (22): Vanusa dos Santos BRA 11.72
200m (1.2) (23): Nercely Soto VEN 23.40
400m (22): Yenifer Padilla COL 53.12 CR
800m (23): Jessica dos Santos 2:07.44
1500m (22): Erika Oliveira Lima BRA 4:26.29
5000m (22): Yoni Ninahuamán PER 16:50.21
10000m (23): Florencia Borelli ARG 35:29.08
3000m St (22): Zulema Arenas PER 10:14.52 CR
100m hurdles (-1.7) (22): Nelsibeth Villalobos VEN 14.48
400m hurdles (23): Deborah Rodríguez URU 57.63 CR
High Jump (23): Kashani Ríos PAN 1.76
Pole Vault (22): Sara Pereira BRA 3.90
Long Jump (23): Jéssica Carolina dos Reis BRA 6.18/1.5
Triple Jump (22): Giselly Landázury COL 13.31/1.5
Shot Put (23): Geisa Arcanjo BRA 18.43 CR
Discus Throw (22): Andressa de Morais BRA 57.66 CR
Hammer Throw (23): Zuleima Mina ECU 62.59
Javelin Throw (22): Jucilene de Lima BRA 56.00
Heptathlon (22, 23): Vanessa Spínola BRA 5899 CR (14.34/-0.6 1.75 13.52 24.76/-0.3 5.98/0.8 42.42 2:20.00)
4x100m (22): CHI (Viviana Olivares, Isidora Jiménez, Javiera Errázuriz, Paula Goñi) 45.61
4x400m (23): BRA (Bárbara de Oliveira, Dandadeua da Silva, Debora dos Santos, Jéssica dos Santos) 3:41.16
20000m Walk (23): Yeseida Castillo COL 1:38:29.6 CR
CR: Championship record

Points Classification
BRA 494 (250 Male + 244 Female)
ARG 151 (97+54)
VEN 138 (64+74)
COL 137 (62+75)
CHI 132 (82+50)
PER 71 (26+45)

Medal Table
BRA: 24 gold, 14 silver, 13 bronze; 51 total
COL: 4g, 7s, 3b; 14 total
ARG: 4g, 5s, 8b; 17 total
CHI: 4g, 5s, 4b; 13 total
VEN: 3g, 8s, 5b; 16 total
PER: 2g, 3s, 3b; 8 total
ECU: 1g, 1s, 2b; 4 total
URU: 1g, 0s, 2b; 3 total
PAN: 1g, 0s, 0b; 1 total
BOL: 0g, 1s, 1b; 2 total
GUY: 0g, 0s, 2b; 2 total
PAR: 0g, 1s, 1b; 1 total

Complete results: